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Notre Dame Sisters

We are a group of consecrated Catholic women who love God so much that we want to share this love with others. Because we are an apostolic community (not monastic), our prayer life comes to fruition in our service to those in need. Our Charism is the particular call to service of our community. Together we strive to help ourselves and others realize how much we are loved by God. This knowledge enables us and others to be at peace and to reach out to others with compassion.

Named after "Our Lady," we strive to model our lives after Mary who was always open to God's action in her life. Proactive, she was the first apostle, instigator of Jesus' first miracle, present throughout his crucifixion and death, and a wise counselor to the early Church.

Community is important to us and we make it a point to keep in constant touch with one another. (Today's technology makes it easy!) In our daily living and praying together we support each other as persons and in our ministry. As a total community we gather three times each year to pray, share, learn and make major community decisions.

When we join the Notre Dame Sisters, we make a public consecration of self to God and the service of God through the Congregation. At that time we take three vows—chastity, poverty and obedience.

We are the American Province of an International Community located also in Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Our Province supports a mission in Honduras. In the United States we are in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

Get to know the Notre Dame Sisters! from Melanie Ennen on Vimeo.


Our areas of ministry vary but include teaching, health care, social services and counseling.